Training for agencies

FOI Training - Course Structure

The OIC is currently developing its FOI Coordinator and decision-maker training as online training.

An FOI Fundamentals Series, consisting of eight online modules will be available in mid-March.  The material covered in the series will be similar to the material covered in the OIC FOI Coordinators Workshop, previously offered at the OIC premises.  The FOI Fundamentals Series will available for Western Australia State and local government officers.

During this year, the OIC will also produce modules that deal with topics covered in our FOI decision writing workshops.

If you would like to receive notification of when OIC online training modules become available, email us at

The OIC will not offer the face-to-face FOI Coordinators Workshop or the FOI Decision Writing Workshops in the first half of 2021.

The OIC will continue to provide FOI briefings and training to agencies by request according to available resources.

For more information contact us by:

Phone: (08) 6551-7888

There is no charge for our training. 



FOI Briefing - Agencies

Target Audience:

Agency Executive; managers; or any staff in agency to raise awareness in general.

Briefings can be tailored to meet an agency’s specific needs. For example: 

  • A basic overview of the FOI Act and the process relevant to the organisations functions.
  • The application of particular exemptions and the requirements of each.
  • Understanding the public interest test.
  • The preparation of a notice of decision that complies with section 30 of the FOI Act.

Participants will gain an understanding and clarification of any particular aspect of concern raised prior to or during the briefing.

Varies depending on
content of briefing

FOI Briefing

Target Audience:

Community groups, members of the public, etc.

Briefing on the FOI process

Participants will become aware of their rights and how to use FOI when applying for access to documents from Western Australian government agencies.

1 Hour