Accessing local government, public sector employment & prisoner records

The best approach is to first ask the agency that holds the documents you are seeking whether the documents are publicly available or can be made available to you without a formal access application.  It is often effective to talk to someone in the agency. 

If the documents are not provided to you, or the agency asks you to formally apply under the FOI Act, you will need to lodge an access application with that agency.

See below for contact information relating to local government, public sector employment & prisoner records.


Local Government records


Each local government authority should have an FOI Coordinator who can provide information about the kind of documents it holds and whether you are required to make an access application under the FOI Act.

Local Governments in WA


Public sector government employment records


If you are an officer or former officer of a State or local government agency, first, talk to the HR section of the agency that holds the documents to see what you can access under the relevant legislation, your employment award or other arrangement.

Depending on your employment circumstances, you may have a right to inspect your employee records under the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (see sections 49D and 49E).

Otherwise, visit the agency’s website.

Western Australian Government agencies
Local governments in WA


Prisoner records



If you are a prisoner or former prisoner, contact the Department of Corrective Services:

Freedom of Information Branch
Department of Corrective Services
141 St Georges Terrace
Phone: (08) 9264 1133
Fax: (08) 9481 8504

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