Training for agencies

FOI Training - Course Structure

Courses and presentations to explain the Freedom of Information Act 1992 and its processes are conducted by this office, based on the level of demand, in both metropolitan and regional areas. The different options, course length and degree of detail are outlined below.

Agencies must ensure that all relevant staff are sufficiently aware of their responsibilities under the FOI Act so that the process for dealing with an application is correctly followed; and members of the public should be apprised of their rights and the process for applying for documents.

Participants will: gain an understanding of the principles and application of the FOI Act; become familiar with the procedures for dealing with applications; and consider some of the more common exemption provisions. Briefing sessions can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of agencies, community groups or regional centres.

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and let us know that you are interested in attending a course in your regional area, and we will advise you when one becomes available.

There is no charge for our training. 

Legal practitioners may claim CPD points for attending FOI training provided by this office. Click here for more details.


FOI Coordinators Workshop

Target Audience:

This introductory course is specifically designed for employees dealing with FOI applications.

To introduce participants to the objects and the principles of the FOI Act and the major features of the legislation. Coverage includes: introduction to the FOI Act; the role of decision-makers; FOI applications; exemptions; consultation with third parties; charges; notices of decision and review; amendment of records; publication of information; and statistics and reporting.

Participants will be able to explain the intent of the FOI Act, apply the principles, and assist applicants gain access to documents, where appropriate.
Click here for the training manual used in the FOI Coordinators Workshop.


FOI Coordinators Workshop Series

Part 1 – FOI obligations and processes (2 hours):

  1. Agency duties under the FOI Act.
  2. What is a valid access application.
  3. Processes for dealing with an application.
  4. Other obligations under the FOI Act.

Part 2 – FOI obligations and processes (1.5 hours)

  1. Searches.
  2. Dealing with large applications.
  3. Fees and charges.

Part 3 – The exemptions (1. 5 hours)

Dealing with the exemptions in general, particularly clause 3 and clause 4 of Schedule 1 to the FOI Act.

Part 4 – Consultation and notice of decision (1. 5 hours)

  1. Seeking the views of third parties.
  2. Writing a notice of decision.

6. 5 hours over 4 online workshops

Decision Writing Workshop

Target Audience:



To enhance decision-makers’ skills and confidence in writing a notice of decision that complies with the Freedom of Information Act 1992. Participants will be expected to already have a basic understanding of the requirements of the FOI Act. Prior to the workshop they will be provided online training that must be completed prior to attending the workshop. The workshop will be interactive using written exercises and discussion.

Participants will be aware of the requirements for writing a valid notice of decision and strategies to ensure compliance with those requirements.


Decision Writing Workshop Series

Part 1 – FOI Decision Writing (2 hours)

  1. Decision Writing basics.
  2. The obligations of a decision maker.
  3. Writing a clause 3 notice of decision.

Part 2 – FOI Decision Writing (2 hours)

  1. Writing a notice of decision to a third party.
  2. Writing a clause 4 and a clause 6 decision.

4 hours over two online workshops.

FOI Briefing - Agencies

Target Audience:

Agency Executive; managers; or any staff in agency to raise awareness in general.

Briefings can be tailored to meet an agency’s specific needs. For example: 

  • A basic overview of the FOI Act and the process relevant to the organisations functions.
  • The application of particular exemptions and the requirements of each.
  • Understanding the public interest test.
  • The preparation of a notice of decision that complies with section 30 of the FOI Act.

Participants will gain an understanding and clarification of any particular aspect of concern raised prior to or during the briefing.

Varies depending on
content of briefing

FOI Briefing

Target Audience:

Community groups, members of the public, etc.

Briefing on the FOI process

Participants will become aware of their rights and how to use FOI when applying for access to documents from Western Australian government agencies.

1 Hour

The format of each workshop/seminar/briefing is informal and interactive, allowing for clarification of any points raised. At the conclusion there will be time for questions/discussion on any aspect of the FOI process.

The training calendar for the current year is available here. Every effort will be made to run courses on dates specified but may be subject to change. Venues are included only if confirmed and are also subject to change.