FOI and privacy in other jurisdictions

The Commonwealth, the states and the mainland territories of Australia each have freedom of information legislation.  The Commonwealth and some states also have privacy legislation.  Useful links for information about these jurisdictions are listed below.


 Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Australian Legal Information Institute

State and Territory FOI Law

Australian Capital Territory Government
ACT Privacy

South Australia
Ombudsman SA


New South Wales
Information and Privacy Commission


Ombudsman Tasmania


Northern Territory
Office of the Information Commissioner


Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner


Office of the Information Commissioner



International Right to Know Day - 28 Sept

International Right to Know Day is celebrated on 28 September every year. It recognises the community’s right to access information held by government.


The idea of Right to Know Day originated from a meeting of information access advocates in Bulgaria in 2002. Today, it is a global event. In 2015, the UNESCO General Assembly declared September 28 to be “International Day for Universal Access to Information”.


Click <here> for a joint media statement from the Australian and New Zealand Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen in the lead up to International Right to Know Day on 28 September 2019.

Click on the links below for information about how some of the access jurisdictions in Australia celebrate Right to Know Day.