FOI and privacy in other Australian jurisdictions

The Commonwealth, the states and the mainland territories of Australia each have freedom of information legislation.  The Commonwealth and some states also have privacy legislation.  Useful links for information about these jurisdictions are listed below.


State and Territory

South Australia
Ombudsman SA


Research on Information Access in Australia

  • Compendium of information access laws across Australian states and territories (Updated October 2023)
    The NSW Information Commissioner has led the coordination of a Jurisdictional Compendium prepared by the Association of Information Access Commissioners. The Compendium was prepared to assist in the development of the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan, particularly the Plan's draft commitment to review information access laws and to be available as a resource for each jurisdiction. The Compendium identifies the similarities and differences of Australian legislative arrangements at a high level and does not purport to represent a detailed analysis of these arrangements.
  • National Metrics on Information Access Rights
  • Information Access Studies