Public Interest Disclosure

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (the PID Act), any person can make a public interest disclosure if they believe something is wrong with the way a public authority, public officer or public sector contractor has acted, is acting, or may be going to act and which is of public interest.

This might involve:

  • Improper conduct
  • An offence under a written law (including corruption)
  • Substantial unauthorised or irregular use of, or substantial mismanagement of public resources; or
  • Conduct that involves a substantial and specific risk of injury, prejudice to public safety or harm to the environment.

The PID Act outlines important information about what may be disclosed, who it must be disclosed to (an authorised PID Officer), and also provides for the protection of people who make a public interest disclosure (PID), as well as those who may be subject of a PID.

A PID must always be in the public interest to report it. It does not apply to information that someone has, or is, engaging in criminal behaviour unconnected to their employment.

We strongly recommend that you seek advice and fully understand your rights and obligations under the PID Act before making a public interest disclosure.


For further information

Further information about public interest disclosures can be found in the public interest disclosure section on the Public Sector Commission's website, including important information for people thinking of making a disclosure as well as details of their protections and obligations under the PID Act.

Alternatively, you can call the Public Sector Commission’s Public Interest Disclosure Advisory Line on 08 6552 8888.


How do I make a Public Interest Disclosure to the Office of the Information Commissioner (the OIC)?

While the PID Act does not require the completion of any particular form to make a disclosure, a person wishing to make a disclosure may choose to print off, complete and sign the Public Interest Disclosure Lodgement form (PDF, 180kb) and address and post it as below:

Strictly private and confidential
The PID Officer
Office of the Information Commissioner
Albert Facey House
469 Wellington Street

Once received, the OIC will investigate the disclosure in accordance with the prescribed procedures and guidelines.


[PDF version]