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Association of Information Access Commissioners (AIAC)


This network consists of Australian and New Zealand information access authorities who administer freedom of information legislation. Members meet twice a year to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources, foster cooperation and innovation in proactive disclosure, information access, related information policy and open government initiatives and promote best practice among the authorities.

Open by design principles - joint statement by members of the AIAC

On 24 September 2021 members of the AIAC issued a Statement of Principles to support proactive disclosure of government-held information.

Joint statements by members of the AIAC


International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC)


The International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC) consists of Information Commissioners and Ombudsmen from around the world that meet regularly in order to foster a broader worldwide public awareness of freedom of information and benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience among its participants. 

The OIC WA become a member of the ICIC in September 2019.  Other Australian members include the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner, the NSW Information and Privacy Commission and the Office of the Queensland Information Commissioner.

12th International Conference of Information Commissioners 23–24 June 2021

The 12th International Conference of Information Commissioners (the ICIC) took place virtually on 23-24 June, with members and observers joining together to consider key access to information and transparency challenges.

A resolution was put up by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and co-sponsored by Information Commissioners from WA, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, committing to the importance of the pro-active publication of information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the conference closed session the resolution was unanimously passed by all ICIC attending members, and that resolution states:

As the global pandemic continues, the importance of transparency and the right to access information remains. Recognising the role that access to information has in building trust in our global community during times of crisis and beyond, Information Commissioners around the world highlight the importance of the proactive disclosure of information held by governments or public institutions.

A link to the full statement is found here:

Statements by the ICIC

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