FOI Training

The OIC offers the following training services to agency staff and community groups.  Our training is provided free of charge.

FOI Fundamentals Series – online training for agency officers

The FOI Fundamentals Series consists of eight online modules and is aimed at State and local government officers dealing with FOI in their agency.  The material covered throughout the series includes the material from the FOI Coordinators Workshop, previously offered in-house at the OIC’s premises.

FOI Fundamentals series is available for Western Australian State and local government officers.

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Note: Online training modules that cover the topics previously covered in our FOI Decision Writing workshops are in development.

In person training and briefings

Briefings and short in-house training sessions for agencies and community groups may be available on request.  To make enquiries please contact us at (08) 6551 7888 or



FOI Fundamentals Series

Target Audience:

  • FOI Coordinators.
  • Officers who are involved with access applications under the FOI Act.

An online training program consisting of eight modules:

  • Module 1 – FOI Basics
  • Module 2 – Dealing with an access application – Part 1
  • Module 3 – Dealing with an access application – Part 2
  • Module 4 – The exemptions – Part 1
  • Module 5 – The exemptions – Part 2
  • Module 6 – ‘Third parties’
  • Module 7– Notices of decision and review rights
  • Module 8 – Other requirements of the FOI Act and series summary


  • Understand your agency’s obligations when dealing with access applications under the FOI Act.
  • Learn tools and strategies to deal with access applications efficiently and effectively.

6.5 hours

In-house to agencies

Target Audience:

  • Agency executives.
  • Managers.
  • Records officers.
  • Frontline staff.

Briefings are tailored to meet the specific needs of your agency, or a group with in your agency.  Common topics include:

  • A basic overview of the FOI Act and the process relevant to the functions of your agency.
  • The application of particular exemptions and the requirements of each.
  • Understanding the public interest test.
  • Preparing a notice of decision that complies with section 30 of the FOI Act.
  • General awareness raising on the principles of the FOI Act and your agency’s responsibilities.


  • Understand your responsibilities and the obligations of your agency under the FOI Act.
  • Learn tools and strategies to manage requests about certain types of documents that are specific to your agency.
  • A forum to ask questions and discuss FOI issues particular to your agency.


FOI Briefing

Target Audience:

  • Community groups.
  • Community representatives.

An overview of an applicant’s rights under the FOI Act, tailored to address your area of responsibility.  Common topics include:

  • Making FOI applications on behalf of members of the public.
  • Applying for personal information.
  • How does an agency ‘decide’ an FOI application.
  • What rights of review are available.
  • How much will it cost.


  • Learn the principles of the FOI Act.
  • What rights do applicants have under FOI.
  • Understand the FOI process.