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Role of the Information Commissioner
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External review activity
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Information Awareness Month
Customer Service Charter
Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
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Open Government
Open by Design Principles
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For the Public
Applying for documents during the COVID-19 pandemic
Is FOI my best option?
What documents can I ask for?
Who do I contact to ask for documents?
Accessing police & medical records
Local govt, public sector employment & prisoner records
Requirements for a valid access application
Steps for access applicants
How much does it cost?
What if the agency says it doesn’t have the documents?
Can the agency refuse to deal with my access application?
What if the agency delays making a decision?
What is personal information?
Can I get everything I want under FOI?
Review of agency decisions
Can others access information about me or my business?
The public interest
Children and people with intellectual difficulties
Role of the Information Commissioner
What happens in an external review?
How long should it take to deal with an access application?
Amendment of personal information
For Agencies
Flowchart - Dealing with an access application
Thinking outside the FOI box
Key FOI principles for agencies
Key questions for decision-makers to consider
Releasing documents that may be technically exempt
How long should it take to deal with an access application
What if the documents cannot be found?
Large, complex or time-consuming applications
Calculating charges
Consulting third parties
What if there are many third parties to consult?
What is personal information?
Writing a Notice of Decision
What happens in an external review?
Making submissions to the Information Commissioner
Repeated requests and unreasonable conduct
Information Statements and other required publications
The exemptions
Amendment of personal information
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