Media statements

28/09/2023: Information Commissioners and Ombudsmen recognise importance of the online space in accessing information

27/09/2023: Results on Cross-Jurisdictional Community Attitudes Survey on Information Access 2023

26/07/2023: Celebrating 30 years of the Office of the Information Commissioner in Western Australia

28/09/2022: Information Commissioners and Ombudsmen hail importance of enabling digital access

26/05/2022: Joint statement by Australian Information Access Commissioners and Privacy Authorities: Principles for nationally consistent approaches to accessing Stolen Generations records

30/09/21: Information Access Commissioners and Commonwealth Ombudsman release survey results on community attitudes

24/09/21: Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen make recommendation to support Open by Design Principles

30/10/20: 'The Accountability Agencies at Albert Facey House' article for Brief magazine

28/09/20: 'Information Can Save Lives': West Australian opinion piece by the Information Commissioner

28/09/20: International Access to Information Day 2020

06/05/20: COVID-19: The duty to document does not cease in a crisis, it becomes more essential

17/04/20: Transparency and access to information in the context of a global pandemic

30/09/19: Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsman release survey results on community attitudes

26/09/19: Right to Know essential to democracy in a digital world

16/07/19: Catherine Fletcher appointed Information Commissioner

21/09/18: Australia and New Zealand’s Information Access Commissioners join together in support of International Right to Know Day

27/11/17: Australian Information Access Commissioners and Ombudsmen release national metrics on FOI access rights

22/09/17: Appointment of acting WA Information Commissioner

21/09/17: Australia and New Zealand Information Access Commissioners unite for citizens’ Right to Know

29/08/17: Resignation of WA Information Commissioner

02/12/16: 250 years of FOI

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