New OIC.WA.GOV.AU Website and domain name


Our new website, located at, was commissioned on 22 January 2018. The new domain name ( better reflects the name of the office rather than its function. Visitors to the old website ( are automatically redirected to the new site. Links to our home page from other agencies' websites will be automatically redirected to the home page on the new site. However, any links to subordinate pages will not be redirected to the equivalent subordinate pages but to the new OIC home page - agencies are asked to adjust their subordinate links accordingly e.g. a link to '' needs to be adjusted to ''. 

Please note that email addresses used by OIC staff will retain the '' format at this stage.


Contacting the Office of the Information Commissioner

Comment and queries about the new website can be directed to the Information Services Manager (details below):

Kim Bracknell
Information Services Manager
Office of the Information Commissioner
Albert Facey House 
469 Wellington Street
Ph: (618) 6551-7817
Fx: (618) 6551-7889
Email: kim.bracknell @